A More Traditional Take on Caviar

November 20, 2008

I think there’s a misconception that caviar is a luxury reserved for the very rich, or that you have to be some kind of food connoisseur in order to appreciate. Well, let me be the first to say that I am neither rich nor a connoisseur–in fact, I’m out of a job, and until only yesterday discovered that the fish from which the caviar I picked out originates looks like a complete freak of nature.

But this is besides the point. Caviar is tasty, accessible to those on a budget (choose between $10 for a jar of lumpfish, or $300 for a can of osteria), and best of all, very simple to prepare.

For condiments, finely chop some chives, red onion, and boiled egg. Then in equal parts, fold creme fraiche, sour cream, and heavy cream in a bowl. Some people like to serve these ingredients separate. This time round, I decided to mix all the condiments into the cream mixture, and is probably the more practical option if you were to serve these at a dinner or cocktail party. I simply used a circular mold to create the round pieces of bread (do this last, so the bread remains toasty upon serving). Top up with caviar, garnish with a lemon wedge and chives, and pair with a cold glass of champagne.



2 Responses to “A More Traditional Take on Caviar”

  1. ANG3L Says:

    i always thought creme fraiche was part heavy cream part sour cream.

    If it is, what’s the difference of using equal parts, when it ends up as creme fraiche. Unless you want to modify the ratio.

  2. PenangTuaPui Says:

    To me, caviar is something high end, and for rich folks… until I see this….

    your caviar photo shot make me drool.. when I can have a bite on them?

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