Caviar-topped Capellini

November 19, 2008

I’ve always been enamored by the cold angel hair pasta topped with osteria caviar at Gunther’s, as well as Iggy’s rendition of a similar dish. It was finally my turn to try a take of capellini with caviar of some sort.

Cook the angel hair for 2 minutes to a nice al dente, and while hot, toss in a combination of cream cheese, spring onions, and a generous drizzle of truffle and olive oil. Use two chopsticks to roll the pasta into a bite-sized ball and set on a spoon. Top off with generous portion of caviar of your choice.

Since I was on a budget, I opted for lumpfish caviar, which for $10 bought me a decent sized jar enough to make at least 15 portions. If I had deep pockets, I am sure that a nice hunk of osteria caviar instead would take this dish to a new level. Maybe one day! For the time being, I’ll stick to the lumpfish since I was satisfied with the results, which in total only cost me $15 to make, and ended up looking quite nice.

A simple, elegant starter for any dining occasion. Give it a shot!


6 Responses to “Caviar-topped Capellini”

  1. That looks absolutely delightful.

  2. Jenny Says:

    You promised to make me this before. I expect nothing less now.

  3. Chris Says:

    Brilliant. It looks wonderful.

  4. Chantalle Says:

    Wow. I had no clue you knew how to cook. The food looks very good. How do you roll up the pasta like that with chopsticks though?

  5. PenangTuaPui Says:

    I never aware there is different type of caviar, hmm, seems like i can get a lower price one to have a try.. yum yum

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