Hairy Crabs (of the Crustacean Sort)

November 17, 2008

While most people look forward to football season, I grew up in Singapore looking forward to hairy crab season which peaks from September through December. A part of me died every time I listened to tales of hairy crab dinners back home while I was getting edumacated in a land far away, the USA. That’s why I was so excited to finally be around to feast on these true delicacies, which back in the day, were only available for emperors and royalty. A quick trip to Chinatown, and for approximately $45 a pop, you too can relive ancient dreams of eating like a king.

The true wonder of these creatures lies in its fantastically warm, velvelty roe, which doused in a mixture of caramelized brown sugar, vinegar, and ginger is the very definition of yummy. It’s also a whole lot of fun taking part in the crab eating process; from the specific steps that must be taken in order to fully savor all aspects of the crab, to the ritualistic chinese wine and post-meal ginger tea drinking. Check here for some good step-by-step guidance.

I never fail to receive a small amount of pleasure in merely watching one peel open the crab body to unearth the wonderful mixture of crab innards, roe, and well, sperm. My contribution to your daily happiness:

Who knew sperm could taste so good?

Capital Restaurant
No. 323 New Bridge Road
Singapore 088759
Tel: 62223938


6 Responses to “Hairy Crabs (of the Crustacean Sort)”

  1. ANG3L Says:

    Would you classify this as another one of your favourites…. that “takes food to a whole different level altogether?”

    Great post!

  2. nuke Says:

    i eat all the crabs and while i knew the red goo was roe i had no idea that it was ‘sperm’. Is there some source to verify this? I’m no zoologist

  3. hungrydru Says:

    @Nuke:, it does mention that the crabs contain roe and sperm. To my understanding, the orange mess is roe, while the white translucent sticky stuff in the nooks and crannies is sperm.

  4. Jenny Says:

    I have been eating crab sperm all this time without realising it. Still delicious though. I have most bizarre food cravings whilst studying.

  5. gaga Says:

    I lived in Hong Kong for two years and was always hearing about hairy crabs but never got to try it! Man, I missed out!

  6. PenangTuaPui Says:

    the hairy crab u show make me recalled my previous trip to san frans to have their crab by the fisherman wharf.. still can smell the crab at my fingers… hee hee

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