A First Attempt at Foie

July 23, 2008

Inspired by this episode of the F-Word, in which Ramsay does a quick tutorial on how to pan-sear foie gras, I decided give it a shot at home. After all, he boldly claims that searing foie gras is “easier than frying an egg.” (That, I can do). A quick trip to Culina on Orchard Boulevard, and I had myself a nice 600g worth of goose liver, which I learnt is less gamey and smoother than the more common duck liver. After allowing to thaw for about an hour, I sliced the liver along into pieces about 3/4 inches thick, wrapping the excess in individual plastic wrap to store away in the freezer for use on another occasion.

Hot pan and foie gras in hand, I quickly re-watched Ramsay’s tutorial and literally mimicked step-for-step: place foie gras on hot pan, wait for 2 minutes, flip, wait for 2 minutes, tilt pan and allow fat with foie gras to roll to the edge of the pan (to cook sides), flip, repeat. The process took about 8 minutes until I achieved a color I was happy with. A quick finger test to check it’s firmness, and it was off the pan and on the plate.

To accompany the foie gras, I caramelized some apples. To do this, thinly slice some apples, and throw onto a generously buttered pan on medium heat for 5 minutes, turning apples occasionally to brown both sides evenly. When apples are browned, add some brown sugar and a bit more butter, leave to reduce and caramelize further for another 5 minutes. I also made a simple salad of arugula, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and toasted almonds. Some fleur-de-sel salt on the side plus some dots of reduced balsamic vinegar…and my first attempt at foie gras was complete.

I busted out the 2004 Kyoho from the Leading Hotels event last week, a perfect wine to accompany the fatty, velvety texture of foie gras because it’s sweet, and buttery. 

If you’re a lover of foie gras like I am but think the only time you can have it is at fancy Michelin-rated restaurants, think otherwise. Please try this at home, and feel free to share your results. Good luck!

21 Orchard Boulevard #01-23
Park House Singapore 248654
Tel: (65) 6735 8858 

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5 Responses to “A First Attempt at Foie”

  1. hellojenny Says:

    Bravo! I’m sure it was made with more care and precision than a Michelin kitchen.

  2. catdao Says:

    Fantastic! Will definitely try this at some point… Have to find a good source for the foie gras. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. hellojenny Says:

    Stay off the rich food while you’re ill. Poached pears are good, it’s a very yin food.

  4. ANG3L Says:

    Nice pictures dru! impressed!

  5. Y Says:

    Argh that liver looks soo good!

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