A Singaporean Pastime: Prawn Fishing

July 19, 2008

Looking for a fun, simple, and novel way of spending a lazy Saturday afternoon, a buddy and I decided to check out Hai Bin U Enterprise, a small prawn farm located in the Bedok Bishan neighborhood of Singapore that offers recreational prawn fishing. Between the two of us, we spent $50 Singapore dollars, the equivalent of about $35 US dollars, to fish our hearts content for 2 hours. Rods, bait, and a quick tutorial for prawn fishing virgins (the majority of us, I presume) are all provided. 

While this might sound like the most random Saturday afternoon activity, you may be right. But if you remember that scene from Good Will Hunting, where Will suggests to catch up over some caramels because it’s as arbitrary as coffee, I think he has a point. In Singapore, why not catch up over prawn fishing? It’s a fun, simple, low-key way to pass some time and chit-chat with a friend while waiting for some tugs on your prawn fishing rod…which when happens, is a cheap thrill, but a thrill nonetheless!

2 hours later, while it was not exactly raining prawn, we headed home satisfied with our 500g worth of prawns. We were surprised by the sizes of some of the prawns, many of which had beautiful blue hues and massive pincers, which hurt!

We saw many people grilling their daily catch straight away, the smell was amazing and I bet they tasted great.

I definitely smell fresh prawn for dinner this Monday evening. Any recommendations? 

Hai Bin U Enterprise
No. 603 Sin Ming Avenue
Singapore 575735 

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2 Responses to “A Singaporean Pastime: Prawn Fishing”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Enjoyed the post. Sounds like a fun time… Would love to do that if I ever visit Singapore again.

  2. hellojenny Says:

    I was going to ask you how to prawn fish when you mentioned. Thanks for the visual! The prawns look big, juicy and delicious. I wanna go!

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