Leading Hotels of the World Event

July 16, 2008

The Leading Hotels of the World is an organization that represents approximately 450 of the world’s finest hotels and resorts around 80 countries. On a quarterly basis, they host a wine and dine event as a way to say thank-you, allow for networking, and market merchandise/property offered exclusively by some of their partnering organizations to their clients.

Their most recent event was held at Host (Clarke Quay, Singapore), essentially a large room equipped with bar, meeting-style dining table for up to 20, full-service kitchen, audio/visual equipment, all in a warm cherry-wood clad interior. This evening, we were treated to a tasting menu with wine pairings thoughtfully explained by David Coleman, managing director of Rubicon Reserve Wines.

While the meal was overall very good, the clear runaway winner was the main course: slow braised lamb on milk semolina cake with parsley salad. Braised for 4 days and supremely tender as a result, the pieces of lamb were literally falling off…all I had to do was gently pick up the pieces with my fork. David also paired this course wonderfully with a 2005 Tinazzi Numero 3 Opera (Italy), whose deeply rich and velvety tones melded beautifully with the fatty lamb.

If you are a fan of whites more to the sweet side, you will certainly love a bottle of Bella Ridge Estate Kyoho, 2004 (Australia). David explained that the just-right level of sweetness allows it to be served as both as an apperetif (sweets build appetite), or also a dessert wine. As the wine opened up, I loved it’s buttery texture. For under $50 a bottle, we quickly picked up half a case for our personal drinking pleasure! Friends, come over soon to try it out. The pairing was served alongside a simply pan-seared foie gras with truffles and caramelized pineapples. You can imagine, the sweet-savory combination was wonderful.

I have always been a fan of stinky cheese. In fact, the stinkier and moldier, the better. For our cheese course, we were served stilton blue cheese whipped together with honey. Definitely something to try at home, since the combination worked incredibly well. However, I found that the saltiness of the blue cheese absolutely drowned the 2005 Chateaux le Tetre Roteboeuf (France), pity, since I think the bottle goes for over $600!

Thanks to the Leading Hotels of the World group in Singapore for the invite and wonderful meal!

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One Response to “Leading Hotels of the World Event”

  1. peter Says:

    haha what a shame to have wine that pricey be overpowered by cheese – just make sure the cheese is as equally expensive next time!

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