Chronicles of the Salmon Cornet, Part 2

July 15, 2008

Determined to bounce back from yesterday’s mishaps, I started the day by searching for some circular stencils to create cornet cones of even consistency. Unable to find them, I improvised by manually cutting circles from a $10 silicone sheet available at any decent kitchen store.

With the exception of cutting back on the butter by half, I stuck to yesterday’s recipe, this time using the home-made stencil. Provided you use quality ingredients, the salmon and crème fraîche part of the recipe was relatively straight forward and tasted good even during the first attempt–the trickiest part of it all was really the cones.

While far from perfect, the overall result was still very tasty and I was pleased I went through all the trouble to make them. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to try out the real thing, I strongly urge you give this recipe a try!

For my future reference, or if you are planning on making these for the first time and happen to stumble across this:

  • Be cautious about baking the batter too long the first time around–they need to be soft enough to roll into cones without breaking.
  • If you want the cones to be perfectly shaped and consistent, use a cone-shaped mold.
Time to eat!

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One Response to “Chronicles of the Salmon Cornet, Part 2”

  1. Y Says:

    Looks yum. I have yet to try this recipe even though I have the book. I love that picture of the salmon fillet by the way!

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